General Conference Resources & Links

Note: The 2019 Special Called Session of General Conference is meeting this week in St. Louis, to act on how (or whether) the church can remain united while differing widely on policy about same-sex marriage and ordination & appointment of clergy in same-sex relationships. There are four basic plans being presented (see “overview of the four plans” below). No matter what the General Conference decides, God’s work will continue through the church locally, regionally, and worldwide.

Schedule of Events – Feb 23-26

Resource Page – LOTS of links – from the Greater Northwest Area

Click HERE for the schedule of the General Conference session — all times are Central Standard Time.

Click HERE to watch live streaming of the sessions.

Overview of the four plans.

What’s with all the Conferences?

The United Methodist Church is organized into Conferences — each local church’s annual meeting is a Charge Conference. Annually, our region — in our case, Washington & North Idaho, gathers for the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. The western U.S. forms the Western Jurisdictional Conference. And every four years, plus on specially called occasions, delegates from all over the world gather for the General Conference.

This week’s Special Called Session of the General Conference in St. Louis can act on denomination-wide policy.

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